Energy measurement device UMG 96-PA


Energy management system

  • Continuous energy monitoring
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Fulfilment of control & regulatory requirements

MID-compliant measurement

  • Certified and tamper-proof MID measurement
  • Legally secure accounting & energy acquisition
  • Fulfilment of legal requirements

Power quality

  • Secure, highly available power supply
  • Avoidance of production stoppages
  • Maximisation of operating times/preventative maintenance
  • Prevention of product quality defects

Residual current monitoring (RCM)

  • Continuous residual current monitoring
  • Support for fire protection and personnel protection
  • Effort reduction with the DGUV V3 tests
  • Increased system availability

Intuitive user guidance

High quality colour graphics display with user-friendly menu guidance.


Additional application options with comprehensive peripherals (three digital inputs and outputs and an analogue output).

MID measurement

Tamper-proof and legally secure acquisition of energy data.

Measurement of current and voltage parameters

Acquisition of current and voltage values in different forms of networks, TN and TT networks, with 600 V CAT III overvoltage category.

RCM measurement

The analogue inputs can be used for residual current monitoring. Thus, residual currents and insulation problems can be detected in time and the system availability assured. In addition, the effort required for the DGUV V3 repetitive testing can be significantly reduced.

or individually configurable as:

Analogue signals

Any 0/4 – 20 mA signals can be processed.

Additional temperature measurement

The UMG 96-PA module has an integrated temperature input for thermistors (PT 100/1000, KTY 83 or 84).

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